Saturday, February 28, 2009

~~~~~" I Hear The Bluebirds Song "~~~~~

A bird does not sing because he has an answer. He sings because he has a song . Joan Walsh Anglund taken from "A Cup of Sun"~1967.

Nothing stirs my heart more than the melodious sound of the bluebird's song ~I love it's heartfelt voice of "True-ly~True-ly"as he tenderly beckons~~come and see me~come and see me. Ever so softly I walk, so that I might catch a glimpse of~ his royal highness~~ dressed in his brilliant blue regal robe!!! AHHH~~~~SPRING~~~~AT LAST~~~~AWAKE ! ~AWAKE !~The earth is alive once more, the cold winter is past ~the snow is melted~the valley is alive with the sound of ~" THE BLUEBIRDS SONG "!

How I love this little winged king!

" His soft eyes of jet "

~His vest of rust and red~

His sweet song dances in my head !

At last...... the " KING and QUEEN of SPRING "!!!!!

And what's this ? Dare I hope of an heir to his royal throne~
Do I see ~three !!!!


Grace me with your presence~~ please!

Would you nest in My trees ~PLEASE ?

~I'll be at your beckon call~Just ask ~ask ~ANYTHING at all !!!!!

My garden awaits your pleasure~

With sumptuous food without measureCOME!!!! ~~Partake of it's treasure!!!

Your table is ready with currants and flowers~berries, raisins and meal worms~~~
You could dine for hours!!!!

And when you are filled ~ I have but one request~~~~

That you'd sing me a song from that rust velvet breast !

Your sweet songs of Spring ~~~HAPPINESS~ YOU ~BRING !!!


And the moon has cast her glow~~ My friend

You have a place the rest your head~~~

In the Dogwood by my shed !


This is an altered ~ Altoids tin ~I call it ~"BLUEBIRDS IN A BOX"~my work~I hope you enjoyed my token of Spring !!!!! BLESSINGS ::::::Deborah