Tuesday, April 14, 2009

~~" The Sweetest Little Bluebird "~~

I received the sweetest package this week. It was my " Pay It Forward "
gifts from ~~~" The French Bear "~~~ They are the cone and the egg in the cup ! I was so surprised to see how large the cone was! ~ BEAUTIFUL ~

Margaret, you really out done yourself ! I love all the blue~~and that little bluebird on top is the sweetest thing ever!~~ I am absolutely taken back by your kindness !~ I will treasure these always! And they will go on my artist ~ " Wall Of Fame "
The brown ribbon goes so well with the blue.
And the message on the cone and egg cup really means alot to me.

Ladies~~~If you haven't seen any of Margaret's work ~PLEASE go take a look,
she makes the sweetest bears.~ And you can tell she puts all her love in them.
There are so many talented women out there and their work is quality and Beautiful~
So next time you need a gift or you just need a pick me up~~buy handmade ! I love to buy from my fellow artist because in buying their work I support them and also I get to own some of their art! That way I have my friends around me all the time.~~ My friends are my muse~~~you all inspire me~~~you all encourage me~~~~

Thank-You Sweet Margaret~ your gifts really touched my heart!
Thanks for sharing a part of yourself with me!!
I will treasure these always!!!