Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm determined to do this! My Dream Will Happen! Dawn , at " The Feathered Nest " ;;;; YES FRIENDS I DID IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK- YOU JESUS !!!!!!!!! NOTHING FEELS AS GOOD AS OVERCOMING FEAR !!!!!!! THANKS GIRLS FOR HOLDING MY HANDS AS I LEARN TO WALK !!!!!! YALL ARE THE BEST !!!!!! NOW I CAN GET DOWN TO SOME SERIOUS BUSINESS !!!!!! I'LL SEE YOU IN A BIT. BLESSINGS ON YOU ALL !!!! DEBORAH ----- WOO HOO !!!!!!!


Dear Friends, I can't tell you how it warms my heart to see my followers list growing ! BoldEven without pictures. You guys are the best ! I'm having a little trouble with several things. First, I'd like a nice robin's egg blue background for my blog, Second, I'd like a nice " Banner " this is very important to me because it says who I am. And that's just the dressy part , never mind all the technical part. I've really been working hard trying to teach myself how to type and put the blog together, it's been a challenge because I'm not at all familiar with computer language. I've gotten alot of help from Dawn at " The Feathered Nest ", she's the one who really encouraged me to step out and here I am , spreading my wings!! I'm still working on the links thing. I hope I've figured it out. If not then I'll be up again tonight! I mean it , I'm not one to give up!!! Once I start something I stick with it till I master it. So here goes nothing we'll see if I've done it! Wish me the best!

Amelia's Birthday

Well Friends, I've really been busy this week, I've been preparing for my granddaughter's first birthday, it's Feb. 5th. The glitter and glue have been flying!!! I love PINK, I have two grand children, Noah, who just turned one, Jan 7th, and Amelia, who is about to turn one!! I also keep Amelia during the week while my daughter works, and watching her is my absolute pleasure. I LOVE BEING A GRANDMOTHER!!!!!!!! I'll have more pics soon and I'll be launching my etsy shop , I'll keep you posted! I've got some surprises coming!!! I am so grateful for each and every one of you. Blessings, Deborah