Friday, January 23, 2009


Dear Friends, I can't tell you how it warms my heart to see my followers list growing ! BoldEven without pictures. You guys are the best ! I'm having a little trouble with several things. First, I'd like a nice robin's egg blue background for my blog, Second, I'd like a nice " Banner " this is very important to me because it says who I am. And that's just the dressy part , never mind all the technical part. I've really been working hard trying to teach myself how to type and put the blog together, it's been a challenge because I'm not at all familiar with computer language. I've gotten alot of help from Dawn at " The Feathered Nest ", she's the one who really encouraged me to step out and here I am , spreading my wings!! I'm still working on the links thing. I hope I've figured it out. If not then I'll be up again tonight! I mean it , I'm not one to give up!!! Once I start something I stick with it till I master it. So here goes nothing we'll see if I've done it! Wish me the best!

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Candy said...

Here is a little help (blind leading the blind)since I am new at this too.
To add color:from your dashboard look for Lay Out. That will open a new window of options:click on Fonts & Colors. Click on the things in the box on the left and then pick a color...for each item.
Hope this helps.