Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Wishing You A Very Happy New Year"

Dear Friends~~~ May Your "New Year" be full of~~~"Faith~~Family~Friends~Fun~Good Health~~and most of all~~~~~"LOVE"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Let Me Introduce You"

This is the work of an "Amazing" portrait artist, new, to blogland and it is my pleasure to introduce her to you!!! Her name is ~~Jonny Petros~~~ She made a sweet visit to my blog and I ask her for the privilege of introducing her to all of you!! She agreed and I sent her a series of questions to which she so graciously answered and this is the meet and greet of ~~~Jonny Petros! Please grab a cup of hot coffee or a hot cup of tea and sit for a few minutes and let's get to know this sweet "Lady"!~~~~~~Jonny was eight years old when she fell in love with art. Having the desire to create something of her own she began working with pastels and did so up into her twenties. And then ventured into painting portraits with acrylic paints. Her favorite medium is acrylic paints, which she has used for the past 27 years because they dry so quickly, although she says she does love the depth you can achieve with oils.
She'll usually paint for days on end but when she does take a break, she loves spending time with her husband Mike. She also enjoys hunting for treasures at thrift and antique shops. ~~~Although now, she has another pass time she really enjoys~~making sweet visits to all her new found friends right here in blogland! She, has a new blog called~~"Salone Di Patros". Jonny said, as she began visiting other blogs she became overwhelmed by the beautiful artwork and poetic words written in such elegant script and was inspired by the unity among the sites and the sharing of heartwarming joy, she couldn't help but be drawn in!
Jonny's favorite colors are pinks and purples and she tends to use them alot in her work.
She and her husband Mike have a charming red brick home that she adores, and in their Dining room she has it furnished in romantic Victorian style, she painted a sky with cherubs on her ceiling because she loves (painted ceilings), and why not, it's just another canvas waiting for her brush!!! ~~But she does add she does not have high ceilings. Her living room color is cream and is decorated in more of a French influence.(My kinda gal)~~
She and Mike had a "Beautiful" cat named "Sabasgien" for 13 wonderful years and he was their sweetheart!
Being a self taught artist, Jonny would love to work towards some personal artistic goals and if had the opportunity would love to spend the day with "Adrian Gottlieb" a portrait artist, and take his class on painting the human figure, which teaches gesture and perspective in portrait painting. She states that there is an luminosity of his technique in his portrait paintings that renders her speechless! She says it reminds her of the "old masters" paintings, where the beauty lives long after the artist who created it! Jonny calls "Adrian's" work ~~~"Beautiful yet Mysterious" because it always leaves her wondering how could someone do that?
Jonny listens to opera right before she paints, just to relax and get inspired but while she is painting she prefers the silence, and her thoughts and color and her brush!!!

You can see Jonny's work on her blog at ~~~~"Salone Di Petros" ~~~ she will begin listing her "Beautiful" work in Jan. on Ebay and will eventually work towards an on-line boutique. But for now, if you wish a "Stunning" portrait painted, email Jonny! She's one awesome talent!! She's one "Beautiful soul" and her work is "Off the Chain Amazing" !!!!!!!! This is someone you do NOT want to miss!~~~Please stop by and visit Jonny, Welcome her!! And by all means leave a comment to let her know you've been there, leave her with the fragrance of your friendship as only we here in this wonderful place can ~~ This is one "Lady" I expect to see Alot of in the magazines!!!~~~ Go for a visit and just breathe in all the beauty she has created with her brush!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Blessings Sweet Friends~!!!!!!! ~~~Enjoy!!!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Please visit Lynn at~~~"Lynns Lovelies"~~~I could not have said this better myself:WE WERE FEW ~~~NOW WE ARE MANY !!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


~~~~~~I'm still here~~~~~~
This is one ATC card I made. I haven't forgotten about my give away, I've just been very busy~~~I'll tell you all about it real soon!!! Thank-you for all you kind words and encouragement while I've been working......

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

" Sweet Little Birdie Things "

Sandi at "Wayside Treasures" is having her 300th. post giveaway!!! And if you love birds like I do~~ go get yourself a tall glass of iced tea and sit down for a visit~~leave a comment for a chance to win!!! ~~ Her blog is just lovely!!!! She has lots of eye candy~~and we all like that! I love the softness of her blog.~~This was my first visit but I Will be back~~~I love all the sweet little birdie things!!!!!!!!Hope you Win!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

"Breath Taking Beauty"

OH MY GOODNESS !!!!!! Donna O'Brien of ~~~"The Ribboned Crown"
has a post up!!!! Ladies if you have never seen any of her work, it is absolutely ~Breath Taking !!!~~~~TRUST ME SHE IS A "MUST" SEE !!!!!! I really have missed her.~ I'm glad she's back ! Although I don't know for how long. She is an amazing artist. I do hope you'll treat yourself to some eye candy and go have a "look see" !!! You won't be disappointed! The picture is from her post ~ just a tease so you'll go see!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"What Talented Hands You Have My Dear"

A few weeks ago I visited Coleen at ~~~" Coleen's Reflection's " and discovered she had made the most beautiful letters and added reflective sayings to them and I just had to have one. I mean at~ $15.00 plus s&h I just couldn't resist! And to own some of her art work~ at that price~~~~~ Well, mine finally came in the mail!!!~~~~
And would you take a look at THIS!!!!! I absolutely LOVE IT !!!!
Her work is just Beautiful~~~ She puts her whole heart into it! Every detail~from the packaging to the sweet little brooch.
These are something you have to see in person! The photo's do not do them justice!
The loopy fringe is silk~~the buttons are mother of pearl~~vintage lace~~hand died ribbon~~and I believe German glitter!!! She signs and dates the back~~~
I love these so much that I've ordered another letter~the letter *B*!
Yes, for the word bird. ( hehe ) And after alittle thought ~~~
Well~~~why not just get an *I*and an *D*~SOOOO~~~

I'm placing my order for the *I* and *D* today!!!! So Coleen if you see this post, I'll be sending you an email in just a few minutes. Coleen I love your work!!!
My daughter and I are looking at her ~~~WEE FAIRIES~~~ and are placing an order for one of them as well. OH!!! And Coleen is going to have a booth at "FARM CHICKS" in June!!!
I'm sure she'll be posting about it soon ~~~So if you happen to be in the area at the time of the show~ stop by for a little instant gratification and buy on the spot!!!
~~~~~~~HAS A SWEET MESSAGE ~~~~~~~
Just right for a bird lover!!!
Thank-You ~~~Sweet Coleen~~May God Continue to Richly Bless Your Talented Hands!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

~~" The Sweetest Little Bluebird "~~

I received the sweetest package this week. It was my " Pay It Forward "
gifts from ~~~" The French Bear "~~~ They are the cone and the egg in the cup ! I was so surprised to see how large the cone was! ~ BEAUTIFUL ~

Margaret, you really out done yourself ! I love all the blue~~and that little bluebird on top is the sweetest thing ever!~~ I am absolutely taken back by your kindness !~ I will treasure these always! And they will go on my artist ~ " Wall Of Fame "
The brown ribbon goes so well with the blue.
And the message on the cone and egg cup really means alot to me.

Ladies~~~If you haven't seen any of Margaret's work ~PLEASE go take a look,
she makes the sweetest bears.~ And you can tell she puts all her love in them.
There are so many talented women out there and their work is quality and Beautiful~
So next time you need a gift or you just need a pick me up~~buy handmade ! I love to buy from my fellow artist because in buying their work I support them and also I get to own some of their art! That way I have my friends around me all the time.~~ My friends are my muse~~~you all inspire me~~~you all encourage me~~~~

Thank-You Sweet Margaret~ your gifts really touched my heart!
Thanks for sharing a part of yourself with me!!
I will treasure these always!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

" The Small Things Mean So Much "

I love the color RED. And when this came in the mail ~ I was reduced to tears. What a lovely surprise ! Beth of ~ " Barn Owl Studio " is a collage artist. She and I started blogging about the same time. We became quick friends. I have loved her work from the first time I saw it. She's quite gifted, although she is hesitant to say so. So it is with " we " artist we're our own worst critics! But her work speaks for itself !!!Beth had a little trouble with her blog one day and I with
all " MY " computer savyness went over to help!
Well, her problem got fixed~~
BUT~~ I lost my background~~~ so what did this computer guru DO ???
I sent out an ~~S.O.S.~~to
none other than the computer wizard~~~
Dawn ~~at ~ " The Feathered Nest "
You see Dawn ( whom some of us lovingly call "mamabird" )
was the first person to encouraged us to step out~~
spread our wings and fly!!
Mamabird ~fixed my booboo and made it all better!!!
Well~~~my one small act of kindness touched Beth~~
and Beth has touched me~~
I truly am humbled by her act of kindness.
I now own a piece of her art work !!
For me that means alot~~
it came from her heart~~made by her hands~
You see blogging is more than pretty pictures, although we all love them~~ it's about community~it's reaching out beyond our own needs and trying to meet the needs of others~~it's ministry~~it's" BEING JESUS " IN THAT MOMENT ~to that one person you are touching right then~~~we ALL have a message~ we ALL can do something to help ease the suffering of others~ IT STARTS WITH JUST ONE SMALL ACT OF KINDNESS ~~~BY ONE WILLING HEART~~~YOU~~~ME~~~WE TOGETHER~ FORM AN ARMY~~~A FORMIDABLE ARMY~~~LET'S SPREAD HIS LOVE~~~WHAT WILL BE YOUR ~SMALL~RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS~~~REMEMBER~~UNITED WE STAND~~~UNITED WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE~~UNITED ~~" WE "~~~CAN BRING ABOUT CHANGE~~IT'S NOT ABOUT THE POWERS THAT BE THAT WILL BRING ABOUT CHANGE~~~IT'S ABOUT THE HEART OF THE PEOPLE~~JOHN13:35~~~BY THIS SHALL ALL MEN KNOW YOU ARE MY DISCIPLES, IF YOU HAVE LOVE ONE TO ANOTHER...............Lord, Please Begin With Me.......Beth ~ you've touched me more than you know~~you are indeed a Treasure!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I entered a giveaway~~~and I won!!! Sharon at ~ My Vintage Studio~ sent me these wonderful gifts!! I love this magazine, all the talent in there is amazing!!!!

Look ~ Sharon even sent me some other goodies !!! She made the " Easter Greeting "~~~So Pretty!!!!!

~~Now for a peek inside this little Treasure Trove of Talent~~

I love Robin Sokel work~~She has an etsy site~~ "Vintage Portal "
go have a look see!!!!

And what about Cheryl Strait~~~Love her work too~
her work calls to my steampunk side!!!
She also has an etsy

Last but not least ~~Diana Frey~~Her work has that vintage
look ~~~so pretty and feminine ~~LOVE IT !!! She has a blog~

And this is the little treasure Sharon sent me, she
also sent a small note pad and pen~
what lovely little extras.
So Sweet !

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


We are all on a journey. And along the way we meet some truly amazing people. Deena Warner is one such person. Her story and her life, is an inspiration to us all ! Please take the time to get acquainted with her. I came across her blog while walking through blog land. I stumbled upon " Can I Be Pretty In Pink "? And I was hooked!!! She blesses me more than my words can express. Her photos from~~" The Singing Woods" are so beautiful! She is truly a BEAUTIFUL spirit !!!! She was just published in" Victoria "magazine. What an honor to see your name in print~~~This is her business card~~~She had a giveaway and I won~~~ the wire heart shaped basket is for business cards. SHE ALSO SENT ME THESE TWO BUSINESS CARDS WITH MY GIFT !!! I was stoked !!!! I love her cards they are beautiful just like the sweet soul who sent them !!! Please enjoy the pictures of my gifts from sweet Deena of ~~~'' Can I Be Pretty In Pink ? Deena~~~~THANK-YOU~~~I LOVE MY GIFTS~~~But the best gift of all is~ your friendship ~~~you are truly an amazing woman !!!


Deena Warner's business cards~~~I'm going to frame these and give them a place of honor in my studio!!!!!

I love the little bird on her card !

The graphics are sooooo pretty!!!!!


This is the first award I received~~~it was given to me by Mrs. Barbara Jean at ~" Treasure's From The Heart " ~~~ she is such a sweet spirit, very kind and loving~~she makes some of the most beautiful bird's nest~~and in her giving spirit she teaches you how to make them. I really admire her ~~~she always promotes other people~~~her kindness and love is an inspiration to us all~~~please keep her and her family in your prayers as she is taking some time off ~~~~stop by her blog and send your love and prayers........BARBARA I'M GOING TO MISS YOU~~~YOU HAVE TOUCHED MY LIFE MORE THAN YOU KNOW~~~YOUR LIFE SPEAKS VOLUMES OF THE JESUS YOU LOVE AND SERVE~~~YOU LOOK JUST LIKE HIM!!!!! Thank-you for the sweet honor ~~~of attitude and gratitude~~~

This honor was given to me by ~~Candy~~of~ Rock Candy~~~Candy is a very creative and sweet person~she loves to encourage people~ she loves the Lord Jesus and it shows in all she does~she is given to hospitality~~I see the fruit of the spirit in her life~ just by reading her blog!!! Thank-you dear Candy for the honor!!! YOU ARE AWESOME !!!

These next three awards came from~~ Debbie ~~from ~~~" There's An Angel On My Front Porch "~~~~Debbie LOVES JESUS AND IS A WOMAN OF PRAYER~~SHE IS STRONG~ FULL OF THE SPIRIT~~~SHE IS WHAT I CALL A~~~ WARRIOR !!!! She has an amazing testimony~If you need prayer~leave her a request and she'll take the matter to the Father.~~~DEBBIE YOU ARE VERY VALUABLE TO THE BODY OF CHRIST ~~~AND AN INSPIRATION TO US ALL !!! IT IS AN HONOR KNOWING YOU~~~Thank-You for your service to the kingdom of God and our Lord Jesus Christ!!!~~~~~And thank-you for these sweet awards~~~MAY GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU ALWAYS~~~Deborah


Saturday, February 28, 2009

~~~~~" I Hear The Bluebirds Song "~~~~~

A bird does not sing because he has an answer. He sings because he has a song . Joan Walsh Anglund taken from "A Cup of Sun"~1967.

Nothing stirs my heart more than the melodious sound of the bluebird's song ~I love it's heartfelt voice of "True-ly~True-ly"as he tenderly beckons~~come and see me~come and see me. Ever so softly I walk, so that I might catch a glimpse of~ his royal highness~~ dressed in his brilliant blue regal robe!!! AHHH~~~~SPRING~~~~AT LAST~~~~AWAKE ! ~AWAKE !~The earth is alive once more, the cold winter is past ~the snow is melted~the valley is alive with the sound of ~" THE BLUEBIRDS SONG "!

How I love this little winged king!

" His soft eyes of jet "

~His vest of rust and red~

His sweet song dances in my head !

At last...... the " KING and QUEEN of SPRING "!!!!!

And what's this ? Dare I hope of an heir to his royal throne~
Do I see ~three !!!!


Grace me with your presence~~ please!

Would you nest in My trees ~PLEASE ?

~I'll be at your beckon call~Just ask ~ask ~ANYTHING at all !!!!!

My garden awaits your pleasure~

With sumptuous food without measureCOME!!!! ~~Partake of it's treasure!!!

Your table is ready with currants and flowers~berries, raisins and meal worms~~~
You could dine for hours!!!!

And when you are filled ~ I have but one request~~~~

That you'd sing me a song from that rust velvet breast !

Your sweet songs of Spring ~~~HAPPINESS~ YOU ~BRING !!!


And the moon has cast her glow~~ My friend

You have a place the rest your head~~~

In the Dogwood by my shed !


This is an altered ~ Altoids tin ~I call it ~"BLUEBIRDS IN A BOX"~my work~I hope you enjoyed my token of Spring !!!!! BLESSINGS ::::::Deborah