Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Let Me Introduce You"

This is the work of an "Amazing" portrait artist, new, to blogland and it is my pleasure to introduce her to you!!! Her name is ~~Jonny Petros~~~ She made a sweet visit to my blog and I ask her for the privilege of introducing her to all of you!! She agreed and I sent her a series of questions to which she so graciously answered and this is the meet and greet of ~~~Jonny Petros! Please grab a cup of hot coffee or a hot cup of tea and sit for a few minutes and let's get to know this sweet "Lady"!~~~~~~Jonny was eight years old when she fell in love with art. Having the desire to create something of her own she began working with pastels and did so up into her twenties. And then ventured into painting portraits with acrylic paints. Her favorite medium is acrylic paints, which she has used for the past 27 years because they dry so quickly, although she says she does love the depth you can achieve with oils.
She'll usually paint for days on end but when she does take a break, she loves spending time with her husband Mike. She also enjoys hunting for treasures at thrift and antique shops. ~~~Although now, she has another pass time she really enjoys~~making sweet visits to all her new found friends right here in blogland! She, has a new blog called~~"Salone Di Patros". Jonny said, as she began visiting other blogs she became overwhelmed by the beautiful artwork and poetic words written in such elegant script and was inspired by the unity among the sites and the sharing of heartwarming joy, she couldn't help but be drawn in!
Jonny's favorite colors are pinks and purples and she tends to use them alot in her work.
She and her husband Mike have a charming red brick home that she adores, and in their Dining room she has it furnished in romantic Victorian style, she painted a sky with cherubs on her ceiling because she loves (painted ceilings), and why not, it's just another canvas waiting for her brush!!! ~~But she does add she does not have high ceilings. Her living room color is cream and is decorated in more of a French influence.(My kinda gal)~~
She and Mike had a "Beautiful" cat named "Sabasgien" for 13 wonderful years and he was their sweetheart!
Being a self taught artist, Jonny would love to work towards some personal artistic goals and if had the opportunity would love to spend the day with "Adrian Gottlieb" a portrait artist, and take his class on painting the human figure, which teaches gesture and perspective in portrait painting. She states that there is an luminosity of his technique in his portrait paintings that renders her speechless! She says it reminds her of the "old masters" paintings, where the beauty lives long after the artist who created it! Jonny calls "Adrian's" work ~~~"Beautiful yet Mysterious" because it always leaves her wondering how could someone do that?
Jonny listens to opera right before she paints, just to relax and get inspired but while she is painting she prefers the silence, and her thoughts and color and her brush!!!

You can see Jonny's work on her blog at ~~~~"Salone Di Petros" ~~~ she will begin listing her "Beautiful" work in Jan. on Ebay and will eventually work towards an on-line boutique. But for now, if you wish a "Stunning" portrait painted, email Jonny! She's one awesome talent!! She's one "Beautiful soul" and her work is "Off the Chain Amazing" !!!!!!!! This is someone you do NOT want to miss!~~~Please stop by and visit Jonny, Welcome her!! And by all means leave a comment to let her know you've been there, leave her with the fragrance of your friendship as only we here in this wonderful place can ~~ This is one "Lady" I expect to see Alot of in the magazines!!!~~~ Go for a visit and just breathe in all the beauty she has created with her brush!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Blessings Sweet Friends~!!!!!!! ~~~Enjoy!!!!!!


aimee said...

how beautiful! i will go and visit her. so nice of you to introduce her :)

Diane said...

I will visit her blog, she does beautiful work. Good to hear from you Deborah.

beth said...

deborah, thanks for the intro. she does some great painting. good to see you out there again.


whimsical whites said...

Deborah, So beautiful!!! You are a good friend to introduce her. Regards, Kathy and Kris- Whimsical Whites

The Rustic Victorian said...

How people paint faces so nicely is amazing to me. She has a beautiful style, thank you for sharing her talent!
Merry Christmas!
Love Marcie

The Feathered Nest said...

What an amazing artist Deborah!!!! She's wonderfully talented ~ such gorgeous artwork sweet friend. I hope you are having a great week sweetie!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Jonny J Petros said...

Dear Deborah, I cannot thank you enough for taking your time to write such a beautiful sincere post of my work. Painting is my dream and as I share my art through my own site, I hope that I may live up to your most gracious compliments in reference to my work. Your help, kindness and generosity overwhelms me. Thank you ever so, My warmest wishes, Jonny

Robin Ennis Willson said...


Patricia said...

Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas greetings. I hope you have a most wonderful day.

Barbara Jean said...


Thanks for introducing us to her.


barbara jean

Coleen said...

her work is from the heart.....thank you for sharing and for your prayers.

Heart Hugs,

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Deb....Thank you so much for your comment dear friend!!! I wish you a wonderful and happy New Year full of many blessings! hugs and love, Dawn