Monday, May 11, 2009

"Breath Taking Beauty"

OH MY GOODNESS !!!!!! Donna O'Brien of ~~~"The Ribboned Crown"
has a post up!!!! Ladies if you have never seen any of her work, it is absolutely ~Breath Taking !!!~~~~TRUST ME SHE IS A "MUST" SEE !!!!!! I really have missed her.~ I'm glad she's back ! Although I don't know for how long. She is an amazing artist. I do hope you'll treat yourself to some eye candy and go have a "look see" !!! You won't be disappointed! The picture is from her post ~ just a tease so you'll go see!!


Diane said...

Deborah, I totally agree! I love her art!

Jacque said...

I'm lovin' it!!! Thanks for sharing, going to check her blog right now...

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

I know what you mean. I had just recently found her blog when she wrote that she was taking a break...imagine my diappointment. So glad she's back if only for an appearance....
Her work is amazing to say the least.

Barb said...

Always so glad when you come by.
You truly do "make my heart sing."

blessings on your week.
Barbara jean

Now, off to meet this new person you mentioned. =0)

Allidink said...

Thanks :) I'm gonna check it out.

All the best,

Federica said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing!
Have a sunny day!

Lynn said...

Thanks, she is a great artist :)

White Linen ~ Lavender Field said...

On my way to check out Donna's blog...And wanted to say thanks for the visit. How refreshing to see ladies with a 'kindred spirit'.


White Linen ~ Lavender Field said...

p.s. Just finished at 'The Ribboned Crown'. I had no idea it was going to be so very pretty. Thank you for sharing. Her pen point drawings are fabulous. As well as her other art work. I'm going back...


BECKY said...

Thank you for the tip!! I'm going to go take a peek!


YSLGuy said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I am enjoying reading yours and added you to my list!

miss gracies house said...

I'll have to check that out!

Annabelle said...

Beautiful art....just so lovely!
Thanks for sharing.
Hugs Annabelle

Vintage Inspired Jewelry said...

Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing the link.

Julie said...

Oh, I love your blog! The vintage collectibles and your aesthetic are right in line with mine! (funny cuz my blog is The Ruby Nest) ~ can't wait to keep reading! ; )

Bellamere Cottage said...

Thanks for the "heads up".....I'm heading right over.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Terry said...

Hi Deborah
Blessings to you.
Oh my goodness her art is fabulous !
I love her art .Thank you so much for sharing .
I have a long time snail mail friend that collects moons .I can't wait to share this with her .
Maybe now she will try blogging :)
thank you so much .

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hello my friend, thanks for the comments, I will be talking to you sooon. Donna is a gem!

Coleen said...

Hi Deb,
thanks for flying by my blog!.....I love her artwork , much talent!!! and she gardens, too!!!

Heart Hugs,

Julie said...

Thanks for you kind words! ( I think I found you through maybe *spark*your*imagination* But I can't really remember ~ just surfing along ; )! ) Julie

Stephani Gorman said...

Deborah, Thank-you so much for flying by my blog! I am so excited to find you! Thank-you for sharing! Hugs, Stephani

Magic Moonlight said...

You all are so wonderful to me....I want to send each and every one of you a gift!!!
You are my inspiration!
I just want to say thank you so much for such sweet kindness and friendship that is expressed in each and every comment.
Please email me your adreess to send you a special friendship tag, I made just for you!
Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing Week and Hope you win my Giveaway!

lori vliegen said...

oh my goodness, you're not kidding...her blog is beautiful!! and, by the way, so is yours! thanks for the visit over at my blog! have a super weekend! :)

Chrissy said...

Wow, that is lovley indeed, just wanted to say hi and hope this finds you well!! Chrissy

Candy said...

Have been missing you lately. Came over to see if you were still around and saw the post about the ribbon crown. Am looking forward to a quiet visit to have a look-see.

Thanks for stopping by on this Decoration/Memorial day. We just returned from a hill top ceremony which was sadly attended. O but I think Our cOuntry is mOving in the wrOng directiOn.

Terry said...

Just dropped by to say Hi !
blessings to you :)

Patricia Cabrera said...

Deborah~ I am glad I found you!*grin*
You have such a lovely blog and and much enjoyed reading some of the posts. I'll have to come back here again and often! Smiles~

~La Rustique Market~ said...

Hi! Deborah,

I have tagged you...check out my blog for details.

Happy Weekend!