Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"" TAGGED I'M IT ""!!!!!!!

Candy at " Rock Candy " tagged me , so I'm it! Now this is how to play the game ( it helps to think of it as a game, as it is a challenge if you're a newbee, and I am! ) First here's the rules: 1.Link to the person that tagged you & post the rules on your blog 2. Share 7 random/or weird facts about yourself. 3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post & include links to their blogs. 4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. Now Here Are 7 facts about me: 1. I love pickle & mayo sandwiches. 2. I collect miniature birdcages. 3. I flip numbers & letters when I write them. 4. I choose to believe "LOVE NEVER FAILS" 5. I love white painted furniture, my style is; french meets shabby chic meets cottage. 6. I'm a girly girl who likes to wear denim. 7. BIRDS ARE MY PASSION :::: Now I need to tag 7 people I'd like to know better. Crystal at: Just Desserts, Heather at: Pretty Petals, Barb at: Treasures from the Heart,Brandy at: Brandywine Boutique,Sita at: Silver Spoon Scraps, Analise at:" Sugar Sugar ."O.K. There is my 7. Iknow alot of people can breeze right through this, but for someone who doesn't have a clue this was work!!!! Buttttttt---It has honed my linking skills. Hummmmm- Maybe that's why we newbee's must learn to do this. But if you haven't seen some of these blogs you're in for a treat!!!!! Blessings, Deborah


Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Hi Deborah! Thanks for tagging me... it was fun to learn those facts about you! I love the ones where you tell little facts about yourself.

Have a great night! xo Heather

Candy said...

I know what you mean. Sparks were flying around here as I worked back and forth between blogs to get everything right. But it was a good exercise. Thanks for going for it!
Great job, candy

Charlene said...

Boy you started out with some hard stuff. I sent you a welcome down in another post. Hope you read it. Also, the goodies you sent Dawn were fabulous! I am also another bird/nest lover. I just closed my baby boutique call Nonnie's Nest. Have a happy day & enjoy all your new Blog friends. They are a joy to the soul.

delighted heart said...

Hi Deborah...I just found you through Dawn's blog...I just started doing this in December and boy I don't know why it took me so long to jump in! Well...yes I do ..it was the FEAR FACTOR! Getting the photos loaded on was my biggest fear...thought I was going to mess everything up! Well, I did lose a post. Not fun but it happens to everyone. And the linky stuff can sometimes eat your lunch! But it has been soooo much fun meeting new people from all over the globe and you never know who is going to stumble on to you and will be blessed by your post! Now if we could just get all who read to leave a comment!!! Wishing you the best Sista Deb! Come over and see me and my friends when you get a chance!
Bless ya girl!

delighted heart said...

GIRL...we are destined to meet in person one day!!! Us Jesus Chiks got to stick together and spread the love! Check out some of my fav blogs...Talking Trash is a hoot and Chik Nite and Sparkled Life are chiks from our church. You will love them. (All of the others are mighty fine also or they wouldn't be there!) What part of the country are you in? Your paintings are beautiful! I actually know someone who has a hyacynth macaw. He is HUGE! I've got three small parrots and I just love birds. In fact today I've been taking pic of the cardinals in my backyard. Speaking of painting...check out Christ Inspired Art on my blog favs..another church friend who paints "by the Spirit". I must warn you...this blog stuff can be addicting! I'm going to try and get music on my blog tonight.
Rock On Jesus Chik!

Barb said...

Thank you for tagging me. I feel blessed and honored.
I don't know if right now i have time to learn the linking thing even I have instructions from my blog friends.
I will try to do it, but if it looks like it will take all day, I will have to wait.
If I can't figure it our, I will just tell of 7 people's blogs that i enjoy, and send them over. OK?
I just don't want to stress about it right now. (Of course, will things ever slow down??) -0))

Barbara Jean

beth said...

Hi Deborah, it me Beth. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I just don't have the time to spend on learning my blog that I would like to. I work a full time job. You are doing really good , I enjoy peeking in on your blog to see what is up. Have abessed day

Brandy said...

Thank you for tagging me Deborah!I'm glad you shared things about yourself with us! Your blog is just so pretty!